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Choice for Me but Not for Thee

Hypocrisy is the name of the game when it comes to elected officials, lobbyists, and influencers who oppose school choice with their...

Felicity Huffman Should Go to Jail

Former vice president Joe Biden said last night during the third Democratic that he does not believe anyone should go to prison...

What Conservatives Bring to the Education Policy Debate

I’m excited to see the launch of Project Forever Free. One of my favorite artifacts of American history is Fredrick Douglass’s 1852...

The Three R’s of Parents Who Want to Raise Free Children

A parent’s power to determine the right to choose where, when and what their children learn is only one power among many that create what I call parental sovereignty—a concept I believe is rooted in three essential R’s: roles, responsibilities and rights.

Like Frederick Douglass, Our Freedom Stories Start With Education

Frederick Douglass tried to escape slavery twice before he was finally successful, but his freedom story started years before his first attempt to escape.

Literacy: The Forgotten Social Justice Issue

My grandfather was in his late 30s when he first learned to read and later went on to complete his GED at...