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LTL Episode 21: Boys’ Latin Founder on Student Disengagement and the Plight of Boys (ft. David Hardy)

David Hardy is a fighter when it comes to kids. Whether he’s walking the halls of the school he founded or showing up outside presidential debates to show his support for charter schools, his commitment to children and families is unwavering.

David founded Boys’ Latin in 2007 because he knew the abysmal stats when it came to black boys and college-going. He wanted to change that and, in his view, a single sex school that required students to take Latin was the best way to do that. His results speak for themselves.

Our conversation is long and moves from the dangers of student disengagement to the negative influences of marijuana to what the presidential election will mean for charter schools to the anti-boy messages that permeate American schools.

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Erika Sanzi
Erika Sanzi is a former educator and elected school committee member and the editor of this site, Project Forever Free. She is also a senior visiting fellow at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Her blog is Good School Hunting and her Substack is Sanzi Says. She occasionally writes for other outlets including Scary Mommy, The 74, and The Hill. She is the mother of three school aged sons and calls Rhode Island home.


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