Monday, June 5, 2023

One Florida Dad on How “School” Looks in His House Today

Today my wife approached me suggesting that we need to move the printer out of my office (aka the third of three bedrooms). “It’s becoming a hassle,” she said, “the kids end up having to wait for you and they really want to print their stuff for school.”

I protested, “Is it really a big deal?”

“Yes! Your calls can go on for a while.”

“Where will we put it?” I asked.

“Maybe on the bookshelf in the kids’ room?” she replied.

“You mean where their cups are right now? We don’t have to worry about them putting their cups on the printer, right? Our kids would never do that,” I offered sarcastically. I also worried about them breaking it or coloring it with markers.

Ultimately we decided on a spot in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, my 6-year-old daughter is making a puppet out of paper for school. I’m currently listening to her 3-year-old sister steal it, while the puppet-maker cries that it’s not her puppet. And my 7-year-old son is trying to focus on a writing assignment. It should have taken him 20 minutes or so, but we’re on hour three and he’s still not done.

Is this what #SchoolsIn looks like for anybody else?

Lane Wright
Lane Wright is a writer for Project Forever Free, and the director of partnerships at Education Post. He tells stories that help families understand how their schools are doing, how to make them better, and how policy plays a role. He’s a former journalist and former press secretary to Florida's former Governor, Rick Scott. He specializes in breaking down complex education reform policy issues into easy-to-understand concepts. Lane and his wife life in Tallahassee, Florida with their three children, two of whom attend a public charter school.


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