Sunday, March 26, 2023

Silver Lining in This Pandemic? Families Are Finally Getting More Options.

The pandemic has been hell—for many reasons depending on where you sit. But one thing that has come out of the rough is more school options for families.

Families have long demanded for more options but politics stood in the way of families accessing their right to secure a quality education for their child.

Forbes recently reported that due to reforms in 18 states, families will now have more education options. While once controversial among the reform-minded, education savings accounts and tax-credit scholarships have been among the tools used to expand school choice in addition to more charter schools.

West Virginia had a big year with not only increasing the number of school allowed to operate in the state by more than 300% but also implementing “what is widely considered to be the most robust education savings account (ESA) in the nation.” Forbes continues noting the “new program, which are referred to as Hope Scholarships, amount to about $4,600 per student, equal to 100% of the average per pupil state education allotment for the previous year. Any funds not used can be rolled over to the next year.”

The ESA funds can also be used for a myriad of things including private school tuition and fees to after-school or summer education programs.

Check the Forbes article to see big wins for families across the nation.


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