Saturday, April 1, 2023

Project Forever Free

Liberty Through Learning

“Once You Learn to Read, You Will Be Forever Free.”  —Frederick Douglass

The quote above is the inspiration for the name of this platform, a place where we will debate and wrestle with the complexity of K-12 education in a way that is civil and free from the scolding and personal attacks that has become far too common place in the public square of ideas. The site will feature researchers, parents, policy wonks and educators. We call it a project because we know that change for children will only come with action and our hope is that the expertise, experience, and opinions shared here will inspire readers to be part of the educational change that they wish to see in their own communities and beyond.

Project Forever Free believes in the power and potential of every child and is unabashedly committed to the fundamental belief that families deserve the freedom—and the right— to make the best educational decisions for their children. We want traditional district parents and homeschoolers to feel equally welcome and respected here—we know that one size can never fit all when it comes to educating our nation’s children.

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